****************************  Namasté Everyone  ***************************
I am Nabiyah An-Nur… Author, Life Coach, Teacher, Karateka (Yudansha), and Student.  I am a conscious being who has a vested interest in expressing and sharing ideals that can enrich the life around me. I am question driven with a firm focus on finding a viable solution for the collective. My intent is to build bridges where we may have otherwise found ourselves separate from the experience of other paths.  I am a lover of Karate-Dō and for me, it is a way of life.

I have had 1 school, which I co-fostered within the Houston Public School System, with Sensei Y. Henry.  The school did very well.  Our style of teaching fell under the Shotokan principles and our organizational structure was aligned with the bi-laws and philosophies of Dai-Ichi Shotokan Karate-Dō, founded by the Honorable Hanshi Ricardo Johns.   Our students were fundamentally strong and impressed not only HISD, but Dai-Ichi as well. However, due to scholastic and career pursuits outside of martial arts, we decided to suspend the program.

Favorable Mention: Hanshi Johns is an undefeated Grand Central American Champion of Panamanian decent and is one of the top technicians and instructors of Karate-Dō in the USA.  His style of  teaching incorporates several forms of martial arts to develop a well rounded and effective student.  The Katas however, are strictly Shotokan.

My experience and training of Karate-Dō is thirteen years.

It is one of my life dreams to open a Dōjō, where I can share the principle of the Dō with true seekers of the way, imparting to others methodologies that help one to transcend the physical techniques that are the fundamental in the art  of martial training and practically apply those principles to the Tatami of life.

Welcome to Memoirs of a Karateka! It is my desire that you will enjoy this landing pad (blog) as a means of inspiration and point of reference.

Be of good courage and character!  OUSSSS!!

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  1. you are a precious soul. missed seeing you Wednesday. Hope to see you this next one! Blessings. Patty

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