Dear Readers… Please keep in mind that there are innumerable customs and traditions practiced from dojo to dojo within the same style, including formalities such as the opening and closing ceremonies for general class instruction, notwithstanding the virtues of the Dojo Kun.  What is shared herein, is but one version that is practiced in some of the dojos of the Dai-Ichi Shotokan Karate-Do System under the teachings of the honorable Ricardo Johns.


  • Shomin ni rei (face the front and bow)
  • Call the highest ranked instructor on the tatami (floor) down to the Sempai level. Example “Shihan ni rei, Renshi ni rei and so on.
  • Acknowledge the highest ranked instructor on the tatami, “Shihan, hiza gashira seiza” (Shihan, please have a seat)
  • Mokuso (The karateka closes their eyes to begin meditation).
  • Mizu no kokoro (the mind is like water).
  • Tsuki no kokoro  (the mind is like the moon).
  • Junkaku Dansei ni tsutomero koto (Seeking perfection of character).
  • Mokuso Yame (The karateka opens their eyes to end meditation)
  • […here you could end the ceremony or continue by giving homage to the ancestral masters that came before]
  • Karate Sakugawa… Pechin… Kushanku… Iwa… Itosu… Azato… Gichin Funakoshi – Shomin ni rei
  • Call to the class to bow to the head instructor (Example: Shihan ni rei) – face the instructor and bow
  • Call to the head instructor to stand (Example: Shihan, tatte kudasai (Please Stand)
  • The head instructor will then turn and say: Kiritsu (Stand up) and each karateka will stand from the highest rank on down, one after another in order.
  • The head instructor will turn to the front and say:  Rei (bow) and the ceremony officially closes.

More to come…

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