Welcome To Theory

The Theory tab is place where you will find associative pages that will reflect different concepts of the Martial Way.  It is not meant to be a “here is the truth, now you’ve found it” type of place, but more so, an invitation to interface with notions that will illustrate various pathways to achieving evidential results to the desired goals.  The information shared within this section may be spiritual, mental or physical or it may be a combination of all.  You may or may not agree with all the perspectives shared herein and that is okay.  I do not expect you to. 

A true Karateka is one who is sincerely seeking to align him/herself with the art of the martial way.  A true karateka is a warrior of peace and is not looking for a cookie cutter approach to anything because they know that, in truth, it does not exist.  They are not looking for the answers to be laid out for them on their journey nor are they really seeking answers experienced by others, other than as a tool of measure, discernment and introspection.  A Karateka goes through many phases in their growth and development and once one has connected in heart, there is an etheric plane of energy that opens and becomes manifest to them and initiation through the latter phases take on an entirely different experience.  The training itself will open gateways to greater understanding and the student (of the Dō) will seek to express him/herself as an answer (to the call), a unique, divine manifestation of the way.  Notice that I said, “an answer” and not “the answer.” During my development and training I began to realize that we all play a role and no one has the entire picture until we understand that we (collectively) are the picture, we are the way.  Therefore, I have an eclectic view of training, never really collapsing on one, for all aspects serve its purpose.

Life is a tatami and our job is to train until there is no longer a separation between the two.  Rather than simply living, you must become life, merging into the miracle of beingness.  Here you will be reminded that your opponent is simply a mirror of you and until you can see them as an extension of the self, you will “fight” obstacles and meet resistance.  Your only opponent, in truth, is self.  Your fight must become a dance.  It’s where the Karateka has become one with all that is around him and instead of his/her movements looking combative, violent and aggressive, it appears as a beautiful dance, as art.  Hence, it is a martial art.

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